User security has always been a top priority at Google. Over the years, it has taken the efforts to promote a more secure internet and to offer speedy and secure browsing experience for its users. To achieve the same, it also started giving some ranking lift to HTTPS URL’s in searches, previous year.

Google to Index HTTPS

Adding to its HTTPS secure service list, Google has announced to that it’ll index the HTTPS pages of websites by default, even if an HTTP equivalent is already present.

Google believes that web browsing should be a private experience between the user and the site and therefore should not be interfered by eaves dropping; data modification or man-in-the-middle intrudes. For this reason, Google strongly promotes HTTPS everywhere.  Google specified that whether or not the HTTP pages are linked with their equivalent HTTPS pages, it’ll crawl the HTTPS pages.

Google is excited about taking yet another step in making the web experience more secure for the users. By showing users HTTPS pages in its search results, Google is expecting to minimize user’s risk to browse a website over an insecure connection and creating in creating chances of content injection attacks.


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