Google Penguin 1.1 update is officially live now. Google’s Matt Cutts publicized the news on Twitter 26th of this month, calling it a “data refresh” that impacts less than one-tenth of a percent of English-language searches. According to him:

“Minor weather report: We pushed 1st Penguin algo data refresh an hour ago. Affects

Google’s penguin algorithm that was launched 24th of April aimed at webspam-fighting as well as sites that are violating Google’s quality guidelines. But regarding the Penguin 1.1 it’s not yet clear what exactly it covers. Some of the websites are considering that this fresh update will work further on webspam and punish those using it much harder. Another theory is that the Penguin 1.1 is meant to deal with those legitimate sites that were targeted by Penguin back in April.

SEO industry has noticed low traffic issues since the Penguin algorithm was launched. Some of the webmasters noticed that Google have selectively removed certain keywords from their sites. In addition’ to this Penguin has left many questioning if it made search results better or worse. Google states that Penguin is an algorithm change so it wouldn’t consider reconsideration requests made via Webmaster Central. But Google did set up a form for webmasters if they think Penguin had hit their sites unfairly.

Google is remaining tight-lipped on the details for Penguin 1.1 update. Matt Cutts refers this fresh update as a “Minor weather report,” so we can only anticipate that this fresh update doesn’t contain anything web shattering.

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