It was on early Saturday when multiple users reported about the visible PageRank being turned off permanently both within the toolbar and in various SEO tools. Hence, if you were grasping onto the last visible signs of PageRank, now you need to know that Google officially announced that the PageRank is now turned off. Read on to know more.

Goolge Page Rank Tool is Now Officially Shut Down

It was a month back when Google stated that they would be removing PageRank scores from the Google Toolbars. However, thing took a final shape when Google completely cut the data from the Toolbar and also from the tool which tries to fetch that score.

And it after that dozens of reports had been recorded over the weekend, across the web asking where their PageRank has gone. No, that doesn’t mean it vanished completely. Their PageRank still exists; the only difference is that the Toolbar version of that PageRank is gone and yes, this time forever. Over the passing years, Google updated the PageRank scores in the Google Toolbar. And for long it had been trying to demote the importance of PageRank too. It was in March, when Google informed about the official removal of the 1 to 10 scores from the Toolbar feed. At the same time, it was also stated that it would go dark in the few weeks.

The action taken on the past Friday, i.e. April 15, 2016, was the consequence of the Google officially killing off toolbar PageRank. It started back on March 7, 2016 and the last remnants of Toolbar PageRank are now officially shut off. It simple closed the hose and the feed, which were used to obtain the toolbar PageRank data.

Hence, all the Toolbars which worked for Internet Explorer 6 or any other web based tools to scrape the data are closed now, that too officially! It means marketers need to pay more focus on Domain Authority as it would be more important for marketers in upcoming time. So get ready to improve your website domain authority with effective these amazing tips.

One thought on “Google PageRank Tool Now Becomes A Thing Of The Past

  1. Desislava

    A thing of the past or not, Google might stillbe using PR, we just don’t see it anymore. You can check the last records for free on this website –

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