Putting rigorous efforts day after day, Google strives hard to deliver better search results.  In the attempt to eradicate the ‘spammy’ link networks, Google has penalized Japan. And it is not the first nation; company has been pushing hard after these link networks in Germany, Italy and Spain earlier.

Google Penalized Large Japanese-Based Link Network



A number of instances were being noticed in Japan where webmasters were found running link farms manipulating the Google terms. Looking to which, one such link farm in Japan now faces the Google’s wrath.

As per the recent report, the company has penalized a Japan based link network stating a reason that they were reportedly trying to maneuver the Google search results rankings. Basically, the link network was making efforts to inflate the ‘PageRank’ and other trust factors of the websites. With the sole intent to rank higher in Google’s search results, they were found involved in buying, selling and trading links.

Back in November 2014, the company raged a Polish-based link network, and even after that several actions were taken on many link networks. However, the focus was more of their attention, on mobile spam and redirects. But this time, the announcement on Google Japanese Webmaster Blog about the targeted a link network in Japan is a strict warning for those making use of practices against the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

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