Recently, Google changed their search results listing page. And the change was in the color of titles. The listings snippet now simply turns from blue to black. Read on to know more.

Being one of the most user-tested websites Google is again on experiment with its formatting and structure. While it is a surprise for the webmasters that the popular search engine is tampering with one of its assets, yet the results it will produce are yet to see.

Google Testing New Color for Links

So, when you type something in Google, the 10 or more links which appear with the link name listed in blue and the green URL, isn’t it? But now, few users are seeing link names in black. It was reported by many users of Twitter who observed this recent experiment. For time being, it is hard to say that it is one giant A / B test to determine whether users click black-colored more than the blue colored ones or not.

Google Research Results in Black Color

In real time the company has tested various colors for its search results page, experimenting with hundreds of millions of web users. For example, the current navigation tab which now appears blue was highlighted with a small red line till last year. Similarly, back in 2009 41 different colors of blue were tested for Gmail ads and search result links. And what you need to know here is that with these changes, the company added an extra $200 million a year to their revenue!

For now, it is not certain that the company is simply testing or if there is something to do with the type of user seeing the link, what the user is searching, or type of link being displayed. In case, the experiment expands out to more than a few people, then this could be expected to be one of the more radical changes to come in future.

Do share your thoughts regarding this testing that Google through comments. You can also checkout our latest article on newest Keyword Research Tool of MOZ- Keyword Explorer.

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