Google dropped the ability to filter your search by location. It’s now using your exact location to give results!!!




Google has been doing experiments for some or the other reason and this time it has come up with changes in the location based online searching. Now, you won’t be able to search Google based on particular location, instead it can now be done using your precise location!

Although, this is still unclear whether Google has intentionally made these changes or it’s just a bug, but the effects of the changes can be noticed.

Earlier, users were able to set a location by clicking on the “Search Tools,” that ultimately gave them the search results as they were in that location. After these changes, only précised location based search results can be retrieved.

Have a look on how search filter looks before and after Change:

Search filter before:



Search filter Now:


This feature was used by many people, including SEOs and webmasters who were trying to know how searchers saw their search results in different locations. Sorry, that isn’t going to happen anymore either.

The first reports of this started trickling in more than 15 days ago, but now it seems to have been fully rolled out.

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