Those who are still using Internet Explorer 8 have a bad news for them that Google apps will no longer keep supporting the browser. This discontinuation of the support will happen after November 15. As a part of this development, the existing users of this browser (which is quite popular among the internet users around the world) will be prompted by Google while usage to get the update of their browser.

This step by Google apps will follow the Microsoft’s launch of its new browser named Internet 10 which will available to users by the end of next month. It sure appears now that Google has planned everything in order to phase out IE8 browser. It is yet another attempt of Google to update so as to fight spam and it is worthy to mention here that Google has also done some algorithms changes to the way search results are shown to its audience.

In one of its announcements the leading search engine has pointed out that it always support the updated versions of the browsers like Firefox, Safari and IE. The Google Chrome which is powered by the Google updates on its own upon detecting the availability of its new version. Again, as per Google it never supports the third oldest version of any browsers which is the reason why Internet Explorer 8 will be now phased out.

IE8 has been the second most used browser around the world which also runs on Windows XP (the OS which boasts 29% of the OS market). Similarly, as IE8 will phase out, so will the Windows XP later in year 2014. Such developments will obviously benefit Microsoft because in the coming times users will possibly look forward for upgrades and buying new OS.

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