I am not a writer but I am a regular reader of “information” shared on the internet. It might be possible that some of my thoughts could be objected, but, I am just sharing my point of view. Oh! And I get this right from the constitution of India to share my ideas and thoughts independently. But, how far we are allowed to share our thoughts and speak our mind independently or even live a life that we desire and want to be a part of? Alright, I am not here to discuss the concerns that are associated with the society. However, sadly they are.

This 15th August 2015, we will be celebrating 69th Independence Day for India and since the last Independence Day a lot have happened and I have almost lost the track of things. Some recent happening I could list as Terror attack in Punjab first after nearly eight years, Maggi ban, Porn ban, Death of a legendary Indian Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and on the positive note Bollywood making sensible movies. All of it surely concludes that we live in an interesting country with interesting people all over.


“India is a country with oldest civilization (maybe this is why some people just don’t let it go) and comprised of various diversified cultures. India was ruled over by the British for more than 100 years, and the independence movement led to independent India in 1947. This was the day when the Indian freedom struggle ended, as it is believed by us. “

Freedom1Okay, enough of this history teachings. While the Independence Day is just around the corner, I recalled being taught about the Indian freedom struggle and fight against the East India Company for an “independent” India. More thoughts gushed into my mind and I started questioning myself that, do we really understand what this seven lettered word – Freedom – means to us. Every year we celebrate the “freedom” of our country, but what about the freedom for an individual? Are we really an independent country, while our fellow countrymen/women does not feel the freedom in themselves?

We are living in a “Freedom model” that was defined long ago by the forming government, our ancestors and maybe the Gods (who knows). People are suffocating under the bonds of government, society and themselves. We usually grow up with the teachings of culture, the limitations of that culture, the limitations defined by the government and we follow those our entire life. The freedom of our country saved us from the slavery that could have come crashing on our heads from the very birth. But, are we really making the most of this freedom?

what_is_freedomWe are independent but we do not feel the freedom. Freedom that gave us the right to speech, right to educate, right to equality, right to religion, right to life. We are being dragged back constantly under the perimeter that controls our lives right from the birth to selecting the significant other. It is not only limited to the society or government, it is about our-self. We want to taste the freedom but most of us do not have the sense to achieve it. Indian countrymen/women are often afraid of long infected thought that “Log Kya Kahenge” (What the people will say). Come on! May be they will appreciate it or accept it happily. What about it? Or Even if they criticize, they will end up appreciating it once you achieve something.

Oh! I am not just bombing this Stereotypical thought. I am trying to point out every single Stereotype prevailing in the country which is continuously haunting us and stopping us on the way to achieve an eternal sense of freedom. We are celebrating the country’s freedom, but we are still not there yet. We are surrounded with so many national and personal issues and we face them every day, but we can do about them is nothing more than just complaining.
So, after all this, do we understand what type of freedom is needed in our country? Can you define what freedom is to you? What can make this country a “Freedom Model” in a true sense?

I listed few domains, from which, achieving noble Freedom can truly portray a new face of India.

Freedom from sex obsession, Freedom from stereotype, Freedom from Gender Inequality, Freedom from Politics, Freedom from customs/beliefs, Freedom from the Pursuit of happiness, Freedom from Feminism, Freedom from Addiction and greed to power, Freedom against the discrimination of a disabled., etc.

These are few of many other.

But wait, I am not here to define Freedom. I want YOU to seek the true meaning of freedom to you and achieve it. Everybody take some resolutions at new years, but why to wait so long. Identify yours and just get onto it. Life will be much simpler. However, I started this topic and it is important that I share my perspective towards Freedom. I have a global thought about it. According to me, Freedom is YOU. Every single person that realize its sense and power to break free against all odds. If we can force the government to lift the ban on porn, then maybe nothing is far enough.

What’s your definition of freedom?

One thought on “Freedom: A term that still needs to be defined

  1. Robert

    With all due respect, freedom has but one definition and it has always meant, freedom from government.

    The etymology of the word itself is derived from the root which is PIE base, preyh2 or preh2y.

    Interestingly enough, the meaning of pri is ‘love,’ which was incorporated into a variety of other terms in the years that followed with meanings like ‘beloved,’ ‘help,’ ‘peace’ and ‘affection.’

    Government cannot give nor grant us those things, hence free and freedom having always been associated with, being free from not being bound by law, society or circumstances.

    We do not need to redefine that which has already been well defined and properly.

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