It wouldn’t be wrong to say that social media is the hottest trend in 2014. Yes, there have been other trends like wearable technology, smart watches and anonymous apps, but nothing has been anywhere close to the kind of popularity social media has garnered over the last few years through this moment.

When social media is out-and-out the hottest trend, then there have to be some factors that make social media remain at the pinnacle. In this article we have tried to nail down four most important social media trends.


1.    Social media education

Social media education is one of the biggest trends this year. There has been a significant rise in the number of social media related courses. There has been an increase in number of institutes including social media education in the marketing and journalism courses.

2.    Social videos

YouTube and other video websites have shown the kind of impact videos can have. Now, shot shared videos have become really popular on social media networks. Even business are embracing social videos as a powerful tool for online marketing. Social videos are created to increase audience engagement through social activity on a given video. Social videos help share short video clips with stories (on various issues). All social media networks have understood the impact of videos and have thus created platforms to allow users to upload their videos.

3.    Social media advertising

You must have noticed, that all major social media sites now offer paid advertisements. With time, social media advertising has become more refined. Advertisers have begun to accept this form of advertising. Since social media sites have become a common affair on phones, social media advertising has gained significantly.

4.    Social media as source of revenue

There is a change in the way businesses perceive social media. The trend shows businesses have recognized the income-generating potential of social media. Now, businesses have begun to measure their social media status and tie their efforts on social media to earn revenue.

Social media has become an all-encompassing platform; these trends illustrate why social media is a phenomenon that it has turned out to be.

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