Content creators and social media managers have a long time fad to post content that they find trending on Twitter. When it comes to creating inspiring content, trending topics come in real handy. But picking content from the same place day in and day out can be unexciting. So, here are 5 alternative ways that you can find trending topics (other than Twitter).


# Google Plus

If you are an online community, or a brand and you are looking for trending topics perfect for sharing and creating new content, then head over to the What’s Hot section of your Google Plus page. You may be least informed about this section, but it is a section wherein you can find trending and popular posts, pages and people, that can be of interest to you and your community.

# Google Trends

Google Trendsis one tool, which has been around as long as the search engine giant itself. But, since the advent of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Google Trends had taken a back seat. Recently however there has been a resurgence and Google Trends have developed into an all new way of finding trending topics and searches. The new Google Trend visualizer lets you view up to 25 trends simultaneously, which you can customize to your liking – to see country and worldwide trends.

# Reddit

Reddit is a platform to share news, interesting information from across the internet. People here can up-vote and down vote a post or comment on the thread. So, if you need content meme for your content, then Reddit is a good place to check out what’s hot.

# Buzzfeed

Besides cute puppy and kitten pictures, Buzzfeed is a value site that provides it readers with links to trending topics. Yes, most topics may be pop-culture inspired, but there are hard-hitting news stories and trends that you can get here.

# Swayy

Swayy is a platform which connects to your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. It presents content on your profile based on the keywords you define. You can easily share the trends gathered based on the keywords directly from your profile.

Using these websites in addition to Twitter, you can collect trending stories on the web automatically and share the same with your readers.

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