There will be 3 new updates, making their way to the Facebook Live streaming platform. While the social network has already added a Live function, this time it is about expanding upon in a couple of major ways. Find out what all future will bring forth!

Facebook Live Introduces Two Person Broadcasts, Waiting Rooms and Msqrd Filters

It was at the VidCon 2016 on Thursday, when Facebook announced that very soon it will be rolling out some new features for the live video service.

Live streaming- has been in the news for quite some time when Twitter’s Periscope, YouTube live streaming and Amazon’s Twitch were introduced. In the same queue, it was Facebook to recently implement their own version of live streaming, with some of the basic features. And now, Facebook is all set to implement some of the changes in order to make the process of live streaming easier and convenient. It will be highly beneficial for the streamer and the viewers, both. Let’s dig into the new updates and find what it is all about;

Broadcast Together with Two People Now Turns Possible!

So, now Facebook Live will let the streamer broadcast his or her stream together with two people. The first out of the three upcoming update is about streaming a broadcast with people in different locations. It will be similar to a remote interview. Now you have the flexibility to invite a friend to “drop in” and join the conversation. Thus, the content creators- you have an opportunity to incorporate things like remote interviews and duets into your live videos. For now, you have to wait for the platform to start with the Verified Pages, and then rolling out to other users.

Pre-scheduling Facebook Live Streams and Waiting Rooms!

This feature enables the users to hang out and wait for the broadcast to start. By introducing waiting rooms, Facebook allows the content creators to pre-schedule the time they are going live. Basically, the users will be sent a notification before the stream starts. Thus, they will be waiting before you go live. Hence, now you neither need to worry for the early joiners to leave, nor for the late ones to tune in. The reason being, Facebook help you making the users excited and assemble them before you work on the actual live-steam.

Go Live with MSQRD Filters!

Go Live with MSQRD Filters!

Integrating the live streaming platform with MSQRD, Facebook allows the users to take videos of themselves with various filters. Just like you do with Snapchat, MSQRD let the users make their videos more interesting by adding masks and other effects to it. So, once the update launches, you can put your hands on various masks and effects, all while the footage is being broadcasted live. Moreover, it arms you with funny content which would encourage you to go live more often.

To conclude, Facebook Live is slowly gaining traction. And, the new features will definitely push the live video format significantly in the social world.

Do you like these updates of Facebook? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section.

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