Explainer Videos And Startups- An Amicable Relationship

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A startup is a very positive word and when we break down the word (start+up), its definition becomes clear that it is a start of a new upward journey with an aim to meet the demand of the marketplace.

Benefits of Explainer Videos for Startups

When it comes to startup, USA tops the list of startups per country followed by India and United Kingdom. But there is another haunting figure that 9 out of 10 startups fail.

Startups Per Country

There is a simple Economic Theory that more the supply, lesser will be the demand and hence lower will be the cost.

In this highly competitive and digitalized world where startups come into the picture every day and every day many packs their bags, leaving their dream unfulfilled, it is important to find some unique ways to present your work in an attractive manner so that it reaches the targeted audience.One such unique way to please the eyes of customers is Explainer Videos.

It is not only help in the online branding but also help in improving the SEO efforts.

There are myriad benefits of Explainer Videos for startups which are equally important for stable businesses:

Attract Visitors, Turn Them Into Customers And Win Their Trust…

The first step of every startup on which the robustness of the business depends is building a trustworthy relationship with customers.

The first impression is the last impression and explainer videos, often being the first touch-point of the customers, provide a great opportunity to business owners to showcase their brand in a confident, engaging and professional manner.

1 in 3 millennials, according to Google, purchase a product as a direct result of watching a tutorial or how-to video about it, so customizing the animated characters, colors and visual elements, having the target audience in mind, can build a stronger connection between your brand and potential customers.

What is the roadmap for building a trust?

Viewers after watching an explainer video have 64-85% more chance to turn into customer and buy a product. But how to make a video that can please them in short span of time?

  • Produce a quality explainer video to explain what your company does and how it works.
  • The potential customers will be attracted to video, coming close to your startup.
  • They will turn your leads into awesome customers.
  • Slowly, they will become your loyal brand promoters.
  • Your brand will be recognized globally.

StacksandStacks.com, an e-retailer began adding manufacturer-produced product videos to its site and found that a consumer who views a product video is up to 144% more likely to add that product to her cart than a consumer who watches no video.


A Little Investment Of Time And Money Can Help To Increase The Sale…

An Explainer Video burrows the seeds of a healthy relationship with customers and invites more visitors to the website who sprinkles the water of loyalty, resulting into beautiful flowers in form of more customers, thereby increasing your sales and conversions. The explainer videos are proved to boost the conversions by 20% on an average.

So, one should not be surprised with a fact that 52% of marketing professionals around the world consider marketing videos to be the online content with the best return on investment (ROI).

What is the process of increasing the sales?

It is expected that video traffic will rule the world of Internet in 2018 by occupying 90% of its space, so explainer videos is the best weapon that every business should own. The process of increasing the sales is as follows:

  • An Animated Marketing video has higher chances to increase your visibility in search engines like YouTube and Google.
  • More visibility will invite more people to your business.
  • They will know about your business and turn into more potential customers.
  • They will end up sharing your product on the social platform, thereby bringing more customers.
  • Hence, sales will increase.

Crazy Egg, a web app that helps you to explain how people interact with your website used an animated explainer video at their homepage with an inviting button just below it, which helped them generate $21,000 per month in extra income, increasing the conversion rates by 64%.

Attention Span of Human

Decreases Bounce Rate And Save Lots Of Money…

In today’s world where the attention span of a human (8 seconds) is lower than that of goldfish (9 seconds), it is a challenge for startups to grab the customer’s attention in first few seconds of their visit.

The only solution to fetch more and more audiences and decreasing the bounce rate is to add an animated explainer video on your landing page which will help to reduce the bouncing rate by an average 34% and engaging a visitor on your site for approximately 6 minutes.

For instance, 70% bounce rate means that 7000 out of 10000 visitors left without any engagement with your website. Imagine you can earn $100 from every user, this implies you lost $700000 in total.

Being practical and logical, it is unlikely that out of 7000 of them, all would make a purchase but on the same hand, it is also true that many would make a purchase and that’s the reason to upload a unique, creative explainer video on the landing page to decrease the bounce rate.

A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, so use an explainer video to engage the audience and make them feel delighted and entertained at the same time, thereby turning them into your loyal customers who will market your product, eventually increasing the sales.

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