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So what is the mantra that some strike gold online and make puddles of money from their websites and blog networks? Why doesn’t your website seem to hit that magic patch bringing in exponential traffic that seems to escalate every day? Well, there isn’t any magic wand that can turn your website into a gold rush making you a millionaire in a very short period of time, rather it is the fruit of ethical and valid search engine friendly content on your website that appeals to the masses and therefore sets a chain reaction of viral popularity of your website. So let’s have a brief rundown of what those fundamental elements are.

  • The sure shot mantra is to have relevant and to the point content, proper hyperlinks and interesting bits that the user might not know.
  • Try and go for organic traffic to your website rather than paid traffic which comes from sponsored links
  • Search engine optimization is a magic potion so invest in it wisely and extensively
  • Use strong keywords that the user might input in search engine aggregator
  • The website design should be search engine friendly that means it should be properly designed without any third party software help as it might make the website look uber cool but if the search engine can’t read it, it’s a total waste!

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