Pretty scary, right? Hiring SEO help can make or break your company.

Don’t Get Fooled: 17 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company

A good SEO will get you on the path to making tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, but a bad SEO could cripple any existing search traffic you get.

It’s important to choose carefully, and that’s what I want to show you how to do today.

If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO company, I’ve put together 17 questions that can help you make the right choice.

You should ask these questions before hiring anyone so you know exactly what to expect.

Download this printable checklist of 17 questions to interview a SEO company/individual.

Finally, you don’t need to ask all of these questions, but I’ll explain why each is important so that you can decide if a question is relevant to your situation. 

Types of SEO help

Before we get into the questions, I want to go over the different types of SEOs:

  • Individual SEO consultants – these are freelancers who offer their SEO services.
  • SEO companies/agencies – these companies have teams of SEOs and standardized SEO processes for the most part. They typically work with businesses of a decent size (with budgets of at least a few thousand dollars per month for SEO).
  • In-house SEOs – if your business is very large or is growing rapidly, it often makes sense to hire an in-house SEO team. You can set it up yourself or hire an SEO consultant to help put things into place and come up with an initial strategy.


The questions in this post are primarily for the first two types of SEOs.

There is a lot of variation in freelancers and SEO agencies. Some are great, others are terrible.

Here’s what I can say: a great SEO will never charge low prices. If you’re hunting for a discount, chances are you’ll end up with an SEO who cuts corners and hurts your site in the long run.

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