The latest algorithm update of Google, Hummingbird made one thing very clear to the internet marketing world, ‘content’ matters a lot. But, even today it has been found that a large ratio of SEOs is still searching around this update.  As such there are no tools to gauge the content quality and if you are suffering from content anxiety, here is little help how you can determine the value of content?

  • Attribution modeling: Although content is present everywhere on the site yet, most of us think blog posts, landing page text, infographics, etc. as the only content. Attribution modeling allows you to measure the value of conversion of  every content present on your website. Whether your customer goes through a blog post or seek assistance from FAQ’s, it helps you assigning a portion of the value of a conversion that a visitor sees before converting.
  • A/B testing: Testing options like A/B and multivariate testing are great methods for measurement of the ‘content’ value. The text in the form fields and pop-ups are examples of content, generally forgotten and such tests remind you, when you actually don’t require content in such areas.
  • Social shares: Undoubtedly, nowadays social shares have proved to be one of the best ways to measure engagement. Social shares are certainly a better measure of blog posts and product descriptions instead of those copies used in the checkout process.
  • Links and comments: Links and comments are not easy to earn, but an engaging content can make it possible. And if you are getting links for your valuable content, make sure you use Open Site Explorer to find and keep track of links.

These aforementioned tools are competent in treating your content anxiety and they help you greatly in describing when your content is good!

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