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Every human is adorned with creativity. And the brand that uses this creativity as a platform to market them becomes the next big thing in the Indian market.

But the real question is how to wrap creativity in a beautiful manner so that it gets viral in no-time? Having a piece of content go viral is a challenge and luck plays an important part. Even the big name in the field of virality –‘Upworthy’ reveals that only 0.3 percent of their posts go viral.

The word ‘Digital’ is no longer a concept of the future. It is unfolding right in front of us. These days, everything around you is getting digitalized. People are getting smarter and the consumption pattern of the market is changing topsy-turvy.

What makes a video go Viral?

Unruly, a tech company that gets videos watched by engaging global audiences on premium sites and getting them shared across the internet analyzed about 430 billion views and 1,00,000 customer data points to find an answer to above question.

Some noteworthy findings

The Viral success is backed up by two major factors as per the findings of the study:

  • How the video makes a person feel; and;
  • His or her social motivations in sharing it

People tend to share those videos that made them feel happy, amused and fuzzy. Videos that target the people’s imagination, or are funny, valuable and meaningful, have been found to get viral with good response from internet users.

 Hence, getting viral is no magic formula. Deliver videos that cater to the audience. If the quality content meets the luck, you will definitely become a new buzz of the internet world.

A celebrity under a Safari Suit- ‘Dancing Uncle’

Popularly known as Dancing Uncle, Sanjeev Srivastava, just did what he is good at without any intention of getting famous- ‘DANCE’. He became an online sensation overnight after his dance performance on Govinda’s “Aap Ke Aa Jane se” went massively viral on social media.

The professor from Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh was enjoying performing at one of his relative’s function, got filmed and his passion for dancing got recognized by millions of internet users who flooded the social media with hash-tag called #dancinguncle.

The video of dancing uncle stands robustly on the pillar of the first parameter of the above study- ‘How the video makes a person feel’ and hence became a sensation.

Outcomes of the sensational video

  • Has been signed on by Bajaj Allianz for an ad campaign.
  • His Twitter account, created in May, has got nearly 8,000 followers.
  • Has met a bevy of Bollywood celebrities and received appreciation from them on various social platforms too.
  • Has been appointed the brand ambassador by Madhya Pradesh’s Vidisha Municipal Corporation.

Even the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Chouhan took the video to his Twitter account, boasting that there was “something special in Madhya Pradesh water”.

Rags to riches with unique content- Thanks to YouTube

In this fast-changing digital environment, grabbing a thin opportunity and showcasing it with a wealth of creativity and curiosity is the only solution to go viral instantly and incessantly.

Similar is the story of the owner of The Viral Fever (TVF) – Arunabh Kumar. He saw a content-gap between 30-second ads and the 3-hour film and grabbed it as an opportunity to showcase original content for the youth of India. This gave birth to TVF with its own take on what young India wanted.

Social Media – A ‘springboard’ to success for TVF

Social media has been equally instrumental in their success, opening up doors to connect with a wider target range.

This comic liberation would never have occurred without the internet. Nearly everyone in the business attributes their success to the ease of creating something good and spreading it for free. Social media has acted as a bridge between nurturing a sense of humor and find others who find the same things funny.

TVF uses television as a tool for setting its own trend: satire. It creates unique digital content through pilots, sketches, and now online series with relatable characters and situations.

  • TVF used ‘Cross-platform connectivity’ at its best, maximizing the scope of digital and search engine presence, quick conversions, and followers, all at once.

TVF’s success outcomes

  • Rejected by MTV, embraced by YouTube, TVF is now a leading digital channel with 3,883,377 subscribers and 222 uploaded videos today.
  • In an interview, Arunabh Kumar said: “From the early days, when I would be given 20,000 to make a branded Web film, today a stand-alone piece of content with brand integration can be budgeted at $100,000-200,000 (around Rs.66.5 lakh to 1.3 crores).”
  • One of the biggest investment companies invested 10 million dollars in TVF, picking up a minority stake of 25% in the firm, with this investment, TVF is now valued at Rs 270 crore.
  • A major source of its income comes from brand sponsorship from various brands like Ola, Tata, and CommonFloor etc and advertisements through YouTube and their own App TVF play.
  • Today TVF owns various channels- Girliyapa, The Screen Patti, Funda Curry, TVF Machi and The Timeline     

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While youngsters are taking their relationship with technology to the next level, veterans at the same time are keen to embrace the technology, although at a slow pace. Hence, as more and more people are spending time on mobile, laptops and tablets, a huge transformation of marketing is underway. In this tech-savvy environment, the most viable way to get viral is:




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