The great physicist, Albert Einstein, said it right…

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”        
However, with the passage of time, now it would be difficult to catch up with pace of world with a bicycle. Isn’t it?

Thus, we chose over a faster option – our bikes! And one fine day in September, 2015, we came up with a group of adventurous and dare-hearted KVRians, “DEADLY KVRIANS”.


We- The Deadly KVRians


It’s not about the destination, it’s about the ride!


Deadly KVRians- Nature Lovers


Getting up before the dawn, together we gathered and headed toward the beautiful Kalka Shimla Highway. Driving through the cool breezes, enjoying the nature’s view, we took our stop at Savoy Greens, Jabli.


Together We Create Beautiful Memories


We don’t ride bikes to add days to life; we ride bikes to add life to days!


Anandpur Sahib- A Religious Experience for Deadly KVRians


Keeping the wooziness apart, few months later, Deadly KVRians drove off to the pious Anandpur Sahib. Craving for a very unique off road experience, this tour was surely a religious experience for the riders, and adrenaline pumping adventure.

Laughter is the brightest, where food is the best!

Taking a break from the rides, it was time to go for some lip smacking foodie tour. Thus, this time Deadly KVRians landed at Cove.  The Cove

Let’s meet over a coffee!

As the tagline says, A Lot Can Happen Over A Coffee…

Deadly KVRians cumulated at CCD to contrive for the next journeys, adventures, and lots more. Everything gets better with coffee, and so are plans.


Coffee Time


Taking it to next level, now Deadly KVRians look forward to more triggering trips and adventures.


More Fun to Come


Now we aim to tweak our ride flows and explore new routes to evolve the constant endeavor and enjoy the best ride experience.

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