For those who wish success for their dynamic designs, need to create a strong typographic hierarchy. You need to understand that there is difference between sharing an important message and just putting a ‘road-block’ text in front of your readers. Thus, using some core visual cues such as typeface, color, etc. in order to organize your text elements, assure the perfect emphasis for your content. Find out the five easy ways to develop a better visual order;

  • Limited typefaces:

Firstly, you need to understand that your aim behind creating hierarchy is to clarify things in a better way. But, if you go with so many typefaces, things will become complicated for the users. So, a limited usage will be perfect. You can make use of two typefaces for one design. If you wish to combine more than two typefaces, make sure you get it done carefully. Else, it can have a distracting and cluttered effect, which is never desirable for the user.

2) Complement and contrast:

Form years, the pairing of serifs and sans-serifs have been used in the designing world. The reason is very simple, the complex and elegant serifs work well with the simple and clear sans serifs. It helps you creating effortless hierarchy. You can use one for the headings and another for smaller copy. Just make sure that you don’t lean too far toward the contrast, as using the two entirely different fonts can put you off-track.

3) Be careful with the tone:

Pairing a serif and a sans-serif together is not the ideal solution always. Understand the tone of your content and avoid pairing a bold serif with a playful sans serif, or an attractive serif with a firm sans serif. Each typeface should convey the message of your work ideally.

4) Perfect sizing:
It is important for you to emphasize on the main point of your message. If it is the same size as the body text or if you surrounded it by some big and bold elements, the visitors will probably move on reading it. Thus, select a font which gives weight to the information you need to share at priority. Be a little tricky, use minimizing and enlarging of certain fonts to stress over them.

5) Add colors:

Colors work well for both classifying the information and add personality. It is rightly said that colors are attached to emotions; for example, with ‘hot pink’ used, your viewer perceive it as something playful, sassy, sensual or intense. Thus, make sure to use colors which enhance the mood of your work. Why only the type, select the color of background and other elements in the same manner.

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