“If we are not crazy, we would just go INSANE!!”

Coming next are the selfies which makes people CRAZIER:

1. Duck Face Selfie:

Selfie with Pouty eye and Pursed Lips!! And Girls are going crazy for this DUCK FACE SELFIE.










Image Source: KnowyourMeme

2. Ditch the Face Selfie:

Time to ditch the face and challenge yourself to creatively capture you by striking a Flattering pose with a new Bracelet, Fit bit on your wrist, newly polished finger nail and with amazing shoes.

Ditch the Face Selfie

Source: Via Google

3. Mirror Selfie:

Phone Camera+ Mirror+ You+ Your iPhone Logo= Mirror Selfie

Source: Via GIPHY

“A Deadly Combo”

Image Source: Mirror Selfie

4. GYM Selfie:

Need not to work hard for a gym selfie….. can get “ROCK HARD ABS” so easily… 😉

Image Source: Gym Selfie

5. DareDevil Selfie:

Armed with loads of courage and a Phone Camera with a Selfie Stick, will give you a SCARY Selfie.

2     DareDevil Selfie 03      DareDevil Selfie 02

Image Sources: Selfie 01: Daring Selfie, Selfie 02: Daring Selfie, Selfie 03: Daring Selfie

Check Out below the Crazy Selfies by Crazy KVRians

If you want to be the Part of this Craziness, Just share your CRAZY SELFIES with Us.

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