With so many leaps and bounds in technology, there have been several changes in web development too. Especially, development with best practices and complete focus on cutting edge solutions is definitely a tough ask. To meet the client’s requirement is similar to a long battle which needs to win over various challenges in order to bring forth a successful web solution. Find out the current challenges the developers have to face these days;

Requirements Keep Changing:

For years, it has been one of the major problems that developers face. The things get worse if the client is not pretty sure of his requirements and keeps on modifying his project brief. In such a condition, being a developer you can’t say ‘no’ to your client when he asks you to add a critical feature to his site. The obvious answer is, yes of course!

Determining the App Cost

This may be a little surprise to you but at times even the best developers’ feel it difficult to mention the right cost for a particular project. For this, the reason is not that they are immaturity. In fact, today it has become very difficult to calculate any project within a given costing framework. The reason being, each project has its different requirements, objectives, and target audience. You will never find two projects same with respect to the technical expertise required for creating them and then how can you expect the cost to be same?

Usability Issues

In the recent times, the designers have come up with astounding designs. But this put the web developers fall into the trap. For implementing those designs they need to sacrifice the usability features. And their job gets difficult when the web application consist of complicated functionalities. They need to take care of usability from the users’ perspective, anticipating their behavior for their website.

Site Speed:

This is surely one of the biggest challenges in website development. Developers need to ensure that the site loads quickly, i.e. within seconds. It is a great challenge to add all those as very affects in terms of visuals and functionality along with minimizing their impact on the speed of the site.

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