Video SEO Can Bump Your Search Engine Rankings a Great Deal

Google’s increased interest in displaying video and image content above everything else on Search Engine Results Page translates into increased challenges for traditional pages and opportunities for sites rich in video content. Cutting a long story short, it’s time for blended search results wherein videos & images are displayed on the top; optimized pages are often pushed down and in some cases, kicked off the first page! Read further to know how video SEO can fetch you better search engine rankings. Continue reading


Image Search Optimization

Images play an extremely important part in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fascinating images not only engage a reader to go through the story but also provide an emotional connect to the readers. However, the question is how to increase the…


What can SEO expect from HTML5?

Being on the web is no good until you are visible enough. The designers and developers who have dedicated themselves to creating brilliant websites for businesses of all scales and sizes, have always been baffled by the do’s and don’ts…