Just like the back-end of a website development project is important, the front-end development is also significant to make a website visually appealing. For example, if your website is a house then front-end development is its pretty exterior that invites the user inside to have a look. There are many factors that make your website appealing to the users and front-end development is one of them. A visually clean and scan-able website always induces the user’s attention, making them go through the different categories of the website, thereby lowering the bounce rate.

website front-end development tools

These days websites are not just limited to desktop platform but a large number of users access websites on their mobile devices like smartphone or tablet. So it becomes important to develop them for these specific platforms too. But designing a website for desktop and other mobile device platforms can take a lot of time. This is when front-end development tools come very handy as they have code, snippets, templates and other things needed by developers of all skill level in development of responsive websites.

There are many front-end development tools available on the internet but none is as good as Bootstrap v3.1.1 which is well renowned for its excellent mobile first projects that are fit for any kind of client needs. With Bootstrap the possibilities of website designing projects are infinite as the abundant tools for customizing the website design give developers the freedom to hone their skills and satisfy the needs of their clients.

Bootstrap has support for all the latest mobile device, as well as desktop web browsers like Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. And the best thing is that it is free for download, so you can start exploring the possibilities right away.

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