Undoubtedly, content marketing and SEO appears to be peanut butter and jelly in the world of internet marketing. They are super delicious individually…

And what if you combine these two amazing tools altogether? Well, they are always complementing each other in either ways and if you are trying to grow your qualified search traffic, combining these two elements is a must have. Running either of them, leaving the other aside is going to be in vain. Discover the 4 smart ways to ideally blend the content marketing with your SEO efforts:

#1: Create content up to the level of Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been one of the best sources of relevant traffic from years. It is one of the renowned sites. If you really yearn for organic listings and search traffic, Wikipedia can become a key part of your traffic acquisition. This will sound shocking to you, but it is a fact that over 100,000 visitors a month can be gained with help of this amazing website. Secondly, the pages with links from Wikipedia are potent in generating more number of backlinks.

#2: Develop content based on keyword data

All of you must be blogging based on what you want your visitors to read and the targeted keywords. You need to figure out what keywords are actually driving traffic. With a list of keywords you really need to target, start writing content around them with an assumption that the topics benefit your visitors.

The key to attain huge traffic successfully is to write on the topics which are trending up and to the right. For the topics which are falling down, the pages will continually get less and less traffic. All your efforts are wasted, but using correct tactics, you will see big wins. Along this, make sure you don’t stuff the keywords as it surely hurts your rankings.

There are several other ‘ways’ to come across….keep reading!!!!!!

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