Seo Content Crossword

So, now when you are ready with rich content with relevant keywords, it is the right time to publish your content.

Publishing and Promotion:

#3: Have you optimized for SEO? If not, you have to. You can link to it from the older blog posts and other content available on your site. Along this, make sure to have the appropriate CTAs in order to have the links back. Basically, there are two key elements of SEO when considering promotion and distribution of the content, links and social media.

For the link analysis you can check out the link profiles of the contenders and if you find these sites authoritative, you can use them. As far social media is concerned, engagement is the key to success. You can track the conversations, reach out the relevant people who are interested in the similar subjects and also use the Fresh Web Explorer tools to get an idea of the websites that are already talking about your topic.

#4: Examine and evaluate

All is well that end well! It is very true in the world of internet. Once the content has been drafted around relevant keywords, well- optimized, published and promoted, it is now turn to find out how effective it was. If you are not analyzing it timely, you are missing something great as you have no idea how well your marketing strategy is working.

Make sure to use your analytics report by looking at how many views and shares it received, what was the bounce rate was, etc. Also determine the ranks for the keywords used in content and how much traffic is from the organic search.


Both the areas, i.e. content marketing and SEO need different skill-sets. Still they don’t stand alone and thus blending the two ideally helps you to rank better, gain higher search traffic and assist you significantly in increasing your audience and reach!

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