Being called as a ‘CHANDIGARHIAN’ is a proud feeling because of some obvious reasons. Many advancements are being done and will be done in future as well from Administrative point of view but personally, we all feel good to be the way we are. We have collected a few facts every Chandigarhian can relate to and feel PROUD of it.So, you are a true Chandigarhian if you have:

  1. A great fashion sense and attitude, whatever you do looks good and most likely becomes a trend.

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  2. Geri routes – if you have been to several geri routes on ‘Bullt‘(actually Bullet, but in Punjabi, it turns out to be Bullt) and ‘kineys‘(Kinetics used by girls but commonly called so).

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  3. Supported SOPU or PUSU more than anything. Those rallies, posters, fun, politics and fights… 😛
    SOPU vs PUSU

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  4. Going uphill can be planned at any time and only you understand it. Uphill you know na? Kasauli, Morni.. refreshing.kasauli
  5. SWAG.. Do you want me to explain this? 😀

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  6. Been to Elante Mall, know about each corner of it but still you make out new plans to be there with your friends and family. 😀
    Elante Mall Chandigarh

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  7. Every dude of Chandigarh has definitely been to MCM or GCG at least once. Even though most of them don’t know the full forms. 😉
    MCM College Chandigarh

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  8. Night food street is much more famous than CCD and Dominos.Night food street Chandigarh
  9. Rose garden, rock garden, Sukhna lake have been your common visiting spots – whether you are happy or sad.Sukhna Lake Chandigarh
  10. Even if it is not your mother tongue, you speak Punjabi and feel proud of it.Keep-Calm-and-Bolo-Punjabi
  11. Dared to have a ride in open jeep on the roads of Chandigarh. (According to rules, open jeep is not allowed in Chandigarh)open jeep
  12. Heard ‘Shehar Chandigarh diyan kudiyan‘, ‘Chandigarh Waliye‘, ‘Yaari Chandigarh waliye’ and other similar songs more than 100 times just because… the name CHANDIGARH.Chandigarh waliye
  13. Been to Sector 17 and 22 markets and Stu C just to see gorgeous girls.sector-17-plaza
  14. A selfie at this place ↓Sukhna-lake-hand
  15. Have habit of saying ‘Haan v kiddan’ whenever you meet someone.Favorite slang
  16. If you feel yourself no less than a high profile model i.e. you think you are smart enough to be a model.Model

These are just a few facts we have listed, there might be some more. What is the thing you are most PROUD of being a CHANDIGARHIAN? Do share with us.

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