Every year new prank is ready to be-fool the world and this year Google has really funny pranks to Fool people with its wit.

1. Introducing Google Nose


Google Nose Beta is now live and it allows you to search for smells. The mobile aroma indexing program now has a 15 million scentabyte database of smells from around the world. By intersecting photons with infrasound waves, Google Nose Beta temporarily aligns molecules to emulate a particular scent. So if you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses, let Google Nose Beta bring them to you.


2. Google+ Emotion

Google+ Photos has a new enhancement in that you can now add stylized emotions to your photos. Just open any of your Google+ pictures in the lightbox and click on the smiley face at the top left. Google will automatically analyze the photo and put emotion icons on top of each person in the photo. Just hit the smiley face again to revert back to your original photo.



3. YouTube Shutting Down

Google kicked things off today with a video announcing that YouTube will no longer accept anymore entries starting midnight tonight through 2023. Why? Well after 8 years of uploads, it’s now time to go through all the videos and pick the winner of the best video. Of course it’s going to take a long time to go through each and every video to find the best one. They figured 10 years will be enough time to to declare the winner, but the problem is that you won’t be able to view any of the current videos when midnight strikes. The site will reopen when the winner is announced in 2013. Check out the video announcement below, which includes some cool cameos. I wonder which video would win?


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