Apple has silently closed the doors of its social analytic service company, TOPSY, two years after purchasing it in a deal of $200 million.

RIP Topsy

To remind you, Topsy was a popular choice for people who analyzed social media back in the day. It facilitated the search and analyze of data from Twitter.

The iPhone-maker itself announced the closing with its first ever tweet since being bought by the company.

Topsy posted a goodbye message to Twitter saying, “We’ve searched our last tweet,” and its profile bio now states “Every tweet ever published. Previously at your fingertips.”


The Topsy’s URL no longer takes you to the search page; instead it redirects you to the Apple support page containing information about how to use the new functionality in iOS9.

The rumors about the impending closure of Topsy were heard a year ago, when the company stopped allowing premium (paid) users to renew their accounts. It seems like now when the accounts of all the premium customer accounts have expired, the service itself is bowing out.

Let’s see… what new the company comes up with in near future!!!

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