Apple is all set to go for rebranding. And this time, it is none other than its personal computer operating platform. Besides, it will be focus significantly on integrating several users’ activities across the devices, incorporating cloud. Read on to know more details.

Apple Now Brings Forth ‘Siri’ to Mac

For all the Mac users…you can expect an all new ‘big’ change for your operating systems by this fall. Yes, the Macs will soon have the voice assistant ‘Siri’. Basically, this app will allow users to pull up on a Mac, assist you in searching through web, and answer all your questions, similar to the way it does for your iPhone and iPad.

Recently, at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), Apple made this announcement.  This voice assistant Siri will be coming to Mac devices in the form of macOS “Sierra”, which will be released later this year. According to the search engine, Bing, the voice searches have been successful in making up to 25% of all searches.  While voice searches have already shown their presence, the release of the new macOS will certainly make it more prevalent in the coming time.

How will ‘Siri’ work?

As far as its working is concerned, on macOS it will work in almost a similar way, how it works on iOS. Thus, just by clicking on a Siri icon in the dock or menu bar, the users will be able to schedule reminders, send messages, search for a recent article, open apps, look up for movie show times, and lots more. In fact, it will help you doing a lot more things, as compared to its functioning on other devices.

For example, it will make your work simpler by allowing you to search through your files. Meanwhile the searches can be saved to the Mac’s Notification Center. Isn’t that amazing!

The next version of OS X has been announced, and besides Siri, there is one more thing you need to know, the brand-new name, macOS. For last 15 years, the desktop operating system’s is known as “OS X”. But now Apple has decided to change it to macOS. So, now all four operating systems will share a common naming scheme, i.e. iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and the macOS.

The users need to know that not everything about OS X is changing. It will be the same operating system with some new features, coming with every major update.

What else to expect from the new operating system?

There are few other features you will benefit from this new version. Do you have an Apple Watch? Then now you can easily connect your Mac to automatically unlock when you need it. Moreover, a universal clipboard is also added to the same. Hence, you can copy and paste between your iPhone and Mac, without any hassle.

Next, is about the iCloud. Apple now tends to make file management an easier task. How?

Now there will be a feature which let you sync your desktop and documents folder. So, you’ll be able to view those files through multiple devices.

Then, the intriguing new iCloud feature adds up to you freeing the storage. With Sierra, old files will be removed automatically from Mac and stored in the cloud. Hence, you don’t need to worry for those tiny 128GB SSD Appl now. Along this, there is lot hype about the Safari update.

While the release a public beta of Sierra is expected this July, yet you need to wait till the fall, for the final release!

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