Did you notice any ranking changes with your websites? Webmasters, waiting for the Penguin update, are seeing Google’s Core Ranking Update over the weekend.

Google’s Core Ranking Algorithm is into Action


Yes, you got it Right!!! Google, on Twitter, have confirmed that what webmasters were seeing over the weekend was not the Penguin update, but rather a core ranking algorithm update.

Gary Illyes

From few days, many people started noticing ranking changes in Google and finally it is confirmed that the update was a massive Google update and not Penguin.

Google seldom confirms core algorithm updates. The last they confirmed was one back in May 2015. So, this update was really unexpected. It is a big thing for the search engine to go on record that this update webmasters were seeing was related to the core update.

People are still waiting for the Penguin update that is expected to be pushed sometime during this month. This really created confusion, with SEOs and webmasters thinking this update was Penguin-related.

However, the signs didn’t point to Penguin; it seemed more like the core search or Panda-related.

So as it is confirmed that Penguin update is not rolled out yet, you can find out the ways to deal with the upcoming Penguin update.

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