ab-testing-main-imageCan A/B testing be useful in getting more hits on your website? Yes, it definitely can be a tool that can boost the sale of your products via websites. This can be done by optimizing the website layout, text and images by making subtle changes. But, how is it all done? Let’s have a look at some major A/B tests with results.




1)      Testimonials

Featuring honest testimonials of people who have used your product and liked it plays a very important role in building trust. In a test, by adding the customer review section just below the purchase button boosted the sales by 58 percent. You can add such sections to your website and then by displaying customer testimonials your sales could sky rocket.

2)      Pricing

The next viable step would be to play with the pricing. Normal belief would be that by reducing the price of your product you’ll get more sales and customers. But if you are looking for long term revenue then increasing the price would be the right approach. The number of conversions might drop but the additional revenue would offset the equation and allow you to get in more revenue. So, it is advised to test the higher and lower prices of your product.

3)      Trust quotient

It is normal if a customer comes to your website and then doesn’t make the purchase just because he/she is not willing to reveal the credit card details. So, it is very vital to put up trust symbols or recognition symbols that puts your customer’s mind at ease.

4)      Identifying customer needs

It is very important to identify your customer’s needs and highlight that aspect on the landing page of your website. For example if you are selling cookies then it is very important for the customer to know the delivery time and their health aspect.

To wrap up the bottom line is to identify your customers and then device the requisite A/B test techniques to generate more profits.


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