…the day now start with my work.

Well, as today I am completing my 1st year at KVR Webtech, I feel like sharing the entire journey of mine with all. But, before I start I would just like to thank the respected directors Kunal Seth, Varun Sharma, Romit Malhotra and Disha Mam. They are a true inspiration in terms of leadership, friendship, and much more.

So, let’s have sneak peek into the last one year at KVR.

New Interview, New Title: Just like others, it started with an interview. All was good. I was very much confident about the results. And guess what next? I was offered the joining letter. Wait, I didn’t start it with this without any reason.

Everything was perfect till the time I saw my ‘designation’. Yes, it was ‘creative writer’. I was shocked, amazed and many more expressions were rolling around me. However, I was all set to accept the challenge!

Friendly Environs, Pleasant Experiences: It was a pleasant experience from the first day of office. There was nothing as the ‘strict working restrictions’. Every one greeted with a broad smile in morning and all went perfect.

What amazed me the most was that I could enjoy music while working! Being a music lover, it was no less than a blessing.

Small Happenings, Big Happiness: After few days, it was a birthday celebration at KVR. It was good to see that every individual matters a lot here. Besides, there were several small activities which brought us together as KVRians. This was something which differentiated KVR Webtech from others in true sense.

Challenge Yourself, Explore Yourself: As far as challenges are concerned, there were many I had to face in the beginning. From time management to the Odesk test, it was somehow similar to a roller coaster ride, but the small one. This was learning and fun, together. Remembering the time when I was not able to handle so many mails and tasks (first three days), and Varun Sir solved the problem just in matter of seconds (That’s a secret!), I feel obsessed.

Another moment, when I was asked to give the Odesk tests! It was not an overwhelming task for me at that moment. However, Disha Mam showed her confidence in me. And, yes I crossed that bar under her guidance.

Together In, Together Out: Being with KVRians is a thrilling experience in itself. But, the fun gets double when you are out to chill. Whether it was the movie time, giving a ‘Bang- Bang’ to the boredom, or the recent visit to Kasauli, which left every one with memorable moments, every time spent was gratifying.

The list doesn’t seem to end. But, it is time to wind up. In all, I would just like to wish myself great and prosperous years ahead. And, a big thanks to all the KVRians for such a startling experience!

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