8 Reasons to Choose Squarespace Over WordPress

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Squarespace is better CMS than WordPress, with its easiest interface, 24/7 support, and other striking features. Choosing it to build your website is a wise and nice decision. Here’s why…

8 Reasons to Choose Squarespace Over WordPress


“Why Should I choose Squarespace over the world’s most tried and tested CMS called WordPress? Why should I pay for Squarespace when WordPress is free?”

So many “whys” would be in your mind after reading the blog title. Right?

Of course, WordPress is a popular CMS and has many free page builder plug-ins to offer. But Squarespace gets an edge over WordPress when it comes to simplicity, flexibility, security and customer service.

Thinking… HOW??

 The below explained benefits of Squarespace will answer all your question:

8 Reasons to Choose Squarespace Over WordPress:

1) No Code Knowledge Needed. Just Drag and Drop:

With Squarespace, you can build a professional looking website without creating a single line of coding. All you need to drag and drop the things, making it quite simple to use. It means that anyone who lacks coding knowledge can use Squarespace.

On the other hand, you are required to be proficient with codes to operate WordPress. Even for the slight changes, you have to play with the codes. Otherwise, you need to hire WordPress developer to get the job done.

2) 24/7 Support within Hour from “Real People”:

True. There are thousands of video tutorials and big community available for WordPress. But it is difficult to find the one targeting your specific problem. This is because WordPress is an open platform and every developer shares his own issues that are different than other. Most users end up paying developers for help.

Squarespace is run by a team of professionals who are ready to provide you support anytime. They claim to offer support within one hour.

And the support from their team really matters if you stuck with some specific issue in the middle of your project. In this way, Squarespace wins hand down in terms of customer support.

3) Sleek and Responsive Templates for Every Business Type:

Squarespace offers you over 40 templates which are sleek, responsive and suitable for every business type. They create a perfect balance between content and design. Also, as per the

4) Integration with All Major Social Media Outlets:

These days, social media engagement can actually boost your business and Squarespace integrates extremely well with social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can place these social icons on sidebars, Navbars, Headers or footers. Squarespace also makes it easy to share your posts across all social media accounts at the single click of a button. However, this can be challenging in WordPress if you are not able to find the right social media plug-in that is compatible with your theme.

5) Tests and Manages Updates Automatically:

Being a paid CMS and “closed” system, Squarespace controls all aspects of the platform and manages all the updates and maintenance work for you. Its yearly subscription plans cover ongoing maintenance and technical issues.

WordPress, on the other hand, requires frequent maintenance, especially if you update platform, theme or plug-ins.

6) All-in-One Packages Include Hosting and Domain Purchases:

Squarespace does many things for you so that you don’t need to purchase them separately. Its plans include hosting service, themes and domain name. However, you may find it bit expensive, but it is economical than the combined totals of self-hosting and purchasing a premium WordPress theme.

7) Ensuring Reliable Security with Constant Check Ups:

WordPress sites are always on the radar of hackers, especially if your software is not updated.

Since Squarespace deals with every issue on its own, from servers to your site’s code, they are able to keep a check on the issues which can pave the way for hackers.

This is because Squarespace has few yet reliable plug-ins and they have complete control of everything. Plus, their team monitors the platform to check if there is any loophole.

8) Equipped with SEO Optimization Tools:

Squarespace has all features you need to build an SEO optimized website. It allows you to create page titles, add alt tags to images, create descriptions, and edit URLS. It is easy for Google to crawl the code created by Squarespace. You can also check how your users find you and which pages are mostly viewed by them, thanks to its simple yet powerful analytics tool. Plus, you can easily add a Google Analytics key to your platform.

Same things are available with WordPress but Squarespace does most of the homework for you.

Bottom Line:

So you must have understood that Squarespace is an easy, convenient and comprehensive platform to build a website. Squarespace is good for small businesses having one person team or lacking dedicated resources to build, maintain or troubleshoot a website.

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