“The Best Way To Create Business Event “Persona” Is Social Media”

When it comes to planning or organizing an event, promotion can be a daunting task. A standout amongst the most proficient approaches to elevate your event is to give it a voice and an identity. If your event can “speak-for-itself” it turns into an entity that is different from any other event organization or organizer and makes a brand participant, who will start following the event and talk about it.

Tips to Promote Business Event on Social Media

Using social media media marketing is really beneficial as it gives your event an outlet to be innovative, informative, wry, funny or whatever personality qualities you need to pass on a medium almost of your potential participants are already on.

Has your business event seemed boring to you or your audience? If yes, then add some fun to it. Here, in this article we’ll show you 8 quick tips to promote your business event on social media;

#1 Create A Business Event Page On Facebook

These days if we talk about Facebook, it is omnipresent. Almost every person is using Facebook and log in at least once a day. Promoting the business event on a Facebook page gives you a good exposure. The followers who arrive on your business page for different reasons will find out about your event, and adherents who are welcome to your Facebook event can welcome their intrigued friends!

To make your event a big success, Facebook is an impeccable platform to start as the vast majority of your participants are already on it and can simply connect to your page.

Let’s take a live example, we few days back organized an arm wrestling league event in our office. To promote the event, we created a Facebook page with cover image of all our contestants. All those who were interested in the league, or participated; joined and promoted the page among their friends as well.

#2 Promote Your Business Event With Facebook Ads

Facebook has been a popular choice for businesses and their marketing as Facebook ads has amazing features and recently added two new features into its Facebook Ads service.

After creating a Facebook page, what next? Facebook does not permit you to invite every one of the fans on your page with just a single click. This is to keep you from spreading mass spam attempts. You can invite profile friends on the event page through Timeline posts and ads.

By creating Facebook Ads, you can target a particular demographic keeping in order to reach your target audience, which will probably give you a higher conversion rate i.e., more of the right individuals clicking and joining your event!

Using a professional image is very important, as there is so much other visual incitement on Facebook. Since you’ll be using the advertisements to connect with new potential clients, you need the best initial introduction.

#3 Short Video Covering Business Event

Facebook adores video and images. Uploading native video expands your exposure in the news feed. Actually, Socialbakers expressed that “Facebook videos attained a 10 times higher viral reach than YouTube links.” Also, you can set your video as Featured for highest visibility on your Facebook page.

Video offers an extraordinary opportunity to pass on the energy as well as the excitement of a live event. Extraordinary visuals and attractive audios are an intense combination that drives enrollment. It additionally generates engagement opportunities as the video is shared with friends.

Make a video that passes on the thrill and fun of your event keeping the target audience. In this video, you should clear the point- what the event is all about, and earlier if you had organized the same event, how successful it was.

#4 Reap The Benefit Of Visual Testimonials

As we discussed above, Video is a viable medium to showcase the passion and excitement that your event holds. If you have received great comments, testimonials, or feedbacks in your previous organized survey, don’t waste them in any case. A well-done testimonial video fabricates trust by permitting viewers to see and hear expressions of acclaim, instead of just reading them.

Either, make a format/template with branded images and a reliable color palette to bring together your marketing efforts and make it simple to share testimonial quotes.

Or, simply make graphic pictures with great quotes and comments. And, share these visuals in your email promoting campaign, blog posts, social platforms, or in your email signatures.

#5 Create A Combined Hashtag

Hashtags are an extraordinary way for people to follow the specific event through a simple search on their social media networks. Hashtags can be used on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so your members can tail you wherever they hang out in the digital world.

Make an event-specific hashtag, use it legitimately to promote your business event. You ought to use this hashtag well in advance of your event dates and it should include everything. By using an event-specific hashtag, you’ll make it truly simple for individuals to discover what you’re sharing, as well as what other individuals are saying, as well!

This is also an extraordinary way to create and take part in an engaging discussion with attendees and interested parties.

#6 Organize A Contest For A Free Event Registration

There’s no doubt that people actually love free things. And, if free things are valuable like free registration for a big event. Organize a contest on Instagram or Facebook for the person who has maximum likes or shares on a repost of your event image. Also, you can host a giveaways by picking lucky contestants who shared your event image and tagged maximum of their friend.

Promotions like these can be greatly fruitful at developing enthusiasm for an event and can possibly have the potential to reach targeted audience. You just need to keep in mind few things while creating social media marketing campaigns to make it a big success.

#7 Share Pictures Of Speakers With Quote Overlays

It’s difficult to overemphasize the significance of using visuals as a part of your promotion. In this quick paced world, loud online world, visual content is the most ideal approach to capture the consideration of fans, as well as to have them take action on your content.

By taking a headshot of a speaker, it’s essential to share something advantageous from that speaker also. Take one capable proclamation whosoever is heading the event and add that to a graphic containing a headshot of the speaker. This gives people something to attach to that speaker, a glimpse into his or her identity or presentation.

This, likewise, gives another chance to give your speakers extra presentation among their own audiences.

#8 Declare the Business Event in Your Podcast

Podcast’s advantages can actually help your business events to reach a new horizon. Whether you have your own podcast or you’re a visitor, grab the chance to talk about your forthcoming event. Be sure and open to discuss your worth suggestion, not just who the speakers are, as well as what your audience members can pick up by going to.

Remember, you’re requesting people to contribute time and resources to attend. Bear so, don’t forget to highlight imperative takeaways as it is an awesome approach to arouse and get more enlistments. What’s more, bear in mind to discuss the fun stuff, as well!

Everyday podcasts like the Social Media Examiner Show offer numerous chances to specify your event every week. Here are the things to recall;

  • Notice the event as a “sponser” of the podcast
  • Interviewer presenters and notice that they will be at the event
  • Make it a player in the discussion
  • Use an easy-to-remember URL when you say the event


No doubt, Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to promoting your business. Read the above given 8 quick tips and conduct your business events trouble-free.

Are we missing any important point? Do share with us in a comment below. Even if you have any query, write us. We are happy to help!

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