While some love her for comic timing in Mr.India and Chalbaaz, others adore her for amazing dance moves in Chandni and Nagin. We all grew up copying her expressions from movies like Roop ki rani Choron ka raja, we all grew up dancing to her super hit numbers like ‘mere haathon me nau nau choodiyan hain’. And now, the era has come to an end.

Sridevi- Actor- Mom- Housewife-Actor Again.

Sridevi- The Queen of Bollywood

 Image By: Dnaindia

Unfortunately, the legend passed away a few days back. However, without any doubt, she is going to be there in hearts of her millions fans forever. She is truly an inspiring soul, giving different reasons to every woman to believe in herself, and prove herself.

While you already know Sri Devi as a great actress, but there are several things from her life which women around the globe need to follow for sure.

Spend some time reading this, paying rich tribute to the legendary woman;

7 Things Women Can Learn From Sri Devi

It’s Never too Early to Start with Your Passion!

Being just four, she got her first movie, “Thunavian”. She was also awarded ‘the best child artist’ from Kerala State Government‘. And then there was no looking back for the charming actress. In case, you think it is too early to begin with your favorite stuff, it is surely not!

Childhood Pic of Sridevi

Be Proud to be a Woman!

Yes, you need to be always. Sri Devi believed in the same. Remember her character Manju from the movie Chaalbaaz? This iconic film represented her as a tough and outspoken woman. She simply explained that a woman doesn’t need a man to save her.

Sridevi- The Diva

“I’ve been brought up to love my work and not men. I’m not a woman, I’m an actress. It’s when you’re insecure that you look for a male to come to your rescue. But because of what I am today, I could go to the rescue of millions of men in this country”

~ (The Times of India May 2, 1986)

Equality is Your Right!

Do you know she was called as ‘Lady Bachchan’ for getting paid more than many actors? It was after her splendid performance in Khuda Gawah when she asked to be paid equal if not more than her co-actors. And yes, she got what she wanted. Equality in every term is your right.

Lady Bachchan

Learning is Never-Ending Process!

You might not be aware of the fact that when Sridevi started out in Bollywood, she couldn’t speak Hindi. Surprised? It was after Chandni when she began using her own voice. Just checkout how beautiful she sang the complete Hindi song, isn’t it amazing?

You Are Your Best Competitor!

For those among you fear of the rivals, need to know that nothing such exists for the winners. Once in her interview she said, “Where are the rivals? There can be rivalry only between two equals. My only rival at the moment is Sridevi. I’m constantly trying to upstage her. I’m doing it to the point of obsession”. So, gear up for the competition, not the competitors.

Go with What You Feel is ‘Right’!

Whether it is about accepting being an icon for the LGBTQ community or saying no to Steven Spielberg for Jurassic Park, she did what she felt was right for her. Follow your dreams and no one can stop you.

Sridevi in SatyamevJayate

Keep Going and You will Achieve What You Deserve!

It was bit disappointing for Sridevi and her fans when for her stellar performance in English Vinglish she missed out on the popular awards. But these were little snubs which were warded off when she was honored with Padma Shri. Simply, don’t stop, keep working hard and let the success make noise.

RIP Sridevi

Image Credit: Sudarsan Pattnaik

Truly, she will be missed. But Sridevi left with us many reasons to keep her alive in our minds and heart.

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