Impact of social media on the businesses success is no more a secret. Adding more to the benefits, some of the recent Facebook features promise to leave a huge impact on your businesses. From what your fans want to see to the varying ways to attract leads, track conversions and much more, it includes lot stuff.

If you ask, what is the shortest and easiest way to reach your customers today; there is no denying to the fact that, it is – Social Media! And the second fact, which is more important, that Facebook is a platform where more of your customers are present as compared to any other social media network…

Moreover, the continuous efforts of Facebook to shorten the distance between potential buyers and genuine sellers by adding new features, gives a significant boost to the businesses today. And why only businesses, it also strives hard to improve the user experience on Facebook. Well, now you can make your followers see your posts first, you can send money via Facebook free of charge, and so forth.

But are you keeping up with all the latest Facebook features? If not, then you are about to miss something great! Explore some of the latest tools and updates that your business can be taking benefit of.

Now the ‘Like’ turns to ‘Reactions’:

Just a month ago, there was news floating all over the internet- ‘Dislike’ button coming to Facebook. As far as the reason is considered, it was the failure of the users to express empathy on some sad or insensitive post. But, recently it was announced by the Chris Cox that the development focus on creating ‘Reactions’, not merely dislikes. It gives freedom to choose any among- Yay, Wow, Love, Haha, Sad, and Angry. For the businesses, the good news is that now they will be able to count the reactions and have a clear picture, how customers perceive them. Isn’t that amazing!

Business Pages can also have the ‘Check marks’:

The blue checkmarks were given to public figures, as a sign of verification. Making things simpler for the businesses, Facebook is now offering a verified Page sign with a grey checkmark. And the best part is- the process to get verified is quite easy. How?

Click settings >> Choose General >> Click Page Verification

Now ‘Click Verify this Page’ and then ‘Get Started’. You have to enter your details like a publicly listed phone number, country and language of your business. For verification code, click ‘Call Me Now’ and Facebook provide you the code. Enter the 4-digit verification code and you are almost done.

This addition will surely develop trust between customers and owners, and cut down on the multiple or duplicate entries of similar businesses.

Lead your business with ‘Lead ads’

The new form of ads – lead ads is all about providing timely updates to the users. For the Facebook users, now it is effortless way out to receive offers, news, and other relevant information about the business. Once the user “Subscribe”, after their confirmation, their name and email address are populated and they start receiving updates. It gives the businesses ‘Lead ads’ with just a few taps.

Evolution of Mobile profiles

Though this on test till date, yet it is great to hear that profiles for mobile devices will incorporate GIF-like animated video profile photos. Yes, it would enable the users and businesses to set a temporary version of their profile picture for some time. It will change to the previous picture after a specific time period. Incorporating it into the marketing campaigns, engagement can be amplified.

Video section gets reloaded:

Looking at the popularity of videos on Facebook, it is a wise decision to add several new features to benefit both, viewers and publishers. For now, similar to the YouTube there will be “suggested videos” feature and once a viewer ends up watching a video, a number of videos with similar interest appears. Hence, the users can enjoy the continuous watching. In addition, a “Save” option attached to every post in the Facebook News Feed offers a choice to select the videos to be watched later. Businesses can now ask fans to hit ‘Save’ for the simple access to content.

While some of them are ready to use, the others are on the horizon. What they share in common is the advantages they are going to bring together. For now, it is up to you, how you use them. Do share what you feel about these recent developments.

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