From a long time, we have been hearing that ‘Content’ is the king. Thus, creating content has always been a big challenge.

And making the viewer’s engage has become a greater challenge. Your websites tends to share information about your products and services, in the easiest way. Hence, it becomes important to ensure that visitors get the complete information and that too with minimum effort. In this competitive world, there is a dire need to engage your visitors, make them read content, stay longer and keep coming back. Check out some simple tips, which will surely help you increase engagement on your website.


Enhance Readability:

For higher engagement, you need to improve readability of your website. As far generating huge amount of conversion and engagement is considered, it is an essential feature. The users will surely not like a website with small or hardly readable fonts.



kvr-im2Make a Parallax Story:

‘Parallax’ designing might not be something new to you. But, you can use this web design trend in a more innovative and eye-catchy way. For better engagement, try to visualize the message (about products and services) you want to convey and depict this story using parallax.





Efficient Use of Icons:

While describing different products and services, you need to add a lot of text. And this is really a big challenge for the designers to represent the ‘word’ in the most effective way. One thing which will help you greatly is the use of icons.

Icons appear to be ‘sign points’, which guide the eye of the users. They make things easier to find and read. Use interactive icon fonts to make glyphs that appear like text.





With a massive increase in the internet users with mobile devices, responsive designing has become a must. Over 40% of the traffic arrives from the mobile device users. Therefore, make sure that the content is being displayed correctly on any screen size.

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