10 Social Media Marketing Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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In my last post we have discussed the 5 reasons why your Instagram posts not getting likes or comments and today, let’s walk through some social media myths that may hurt your marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing Myths

Some businesses think that social media marketing is a magic formula. But for other it is just wastage of time and money. Why? This is simply because of their perception based on the results and practices.  Even most experts hold different view on social media marketing.

But it is for sure that social media only brings results if done in a right way with effective planning. Otherwise, it is just as they say is wastage of money and time as well.

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To see the positives of social media, it is important to understand the right practices and strategies, especially if you are newer to SMM.

10 Common Myths About SMM

1) Posting for 24/7 is Essential:

You must have come across several marketers stressing excessive posting as much as one can do. Regular posting is important, but going overboard with that can harm your campaign. And it is for two reasons. Firstly, it annoys your followers with the constant notifications. Secondly, social media platform like Twittersphere can suspend your account for constant messaging on the ground of spamming. However, if you use social media to resolve consumer queries, make it clear to them when you will be available.

2) Fans and Followers Always End Up As Your Customers:

Increased number of followers just gives you an opportunity to expand your customer base. But you can’t convert them if you lack solid marketing strategies in a place. For example, most followers don’t take care of your brand unless they come across something very interesting, very engaging. Simply put, earning fans and followers are simple but right marketing strategy is what you need to convert them.

3) Number of Followers and Likes Makes Your Campaign Successful

Most marketers just aim to earn likes and followers believing that co-relates with a campaign’s success. But this is simply untrue. Having thousands of likes and followers doesn’t make your brand successful. For example, a user who “liked” your brands over Facebook may never use or shop your brand. Or your all followers may not end up reading anything you post. Remember, you put your brand on social media to earn engagement and boost sale, not for those “hollow” likes or fluffy following.

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4) I Have to Join Every Network:

Opposite to the popular belief, not all social media networks can benefit you. For example, Facebook may never be an ideal platform like LinkedIn for B2B business. But Facebook is a great way for earning better click through rates as Facebook ads target specific users.

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Twitter can be preferred for discussion while Instagram and YouTube are great for your visual content.

So, it is important to find the platform which resonates well with your content and is used most by your target audience. It will save you time and money that can be invested on creating marketing campaigns for that right platform. It also saves you from the hassle of creating a profile on every single network and maintaining them. Especially if your consumers are sending queries to the social media platforms you don’t use and as a result, losing them.

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5) Social Media Doesn’t Drive Revenue:

No wonder that you don’t see result with SMM if you fail to create efficient strategies. In addition to that, SMM won’t bring you results overnight depends on your strategies. So you can’t blame SMM for your fail campaign. It is worth to mention here the findings of HubSpot on the outcome of using SMM for businesses—

  • 62% companies using LinkedIn acquired customers through the platform
  • 52% companies acquired customers through Facebook
  • 44% companies acquired customers through Twitter

 6) Social Media is for Young People:

Too many businesses think that social media is a youth focused and youth centric platform. To their surprise, the demographics of most social media platforms are largely comprised of people age 35 or more. According to Pewinternet.Org,

  • 79% of users age 35 or above use Facebook
  • Instagram is used by 49% people of all age group belonging to 35 or more.
  • 22% of Twitter users are between 30 and 49.

7) Social Media Marketing is Free:

Anyone can join social media without paying a penny. However, if you want to gain quick attention and to reach your posts to wider audience, you should (have to) invest money and time in SMM. In fact, the more you invest into your campaign, the higher ROI you can have. Organic content may give you lukewarm success, but that’s not sufficient to what you aim for.

8) SMM is enough for Brand Reputation:

Social media is great way to promote your business. But it is equally true that it is just a part of marketing. In addition to social media, you need to rely on other platforms like outdoor campaigns and exhibitions approach offline users or the community who don’t use social media.

9) Only Celebrities Can Earn Millions of Followers:

It is true that many celebs like Justin Bieber, Kattie Parry and Miley Cyrus have millions of fans over their social media accounts. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible for a brand to pull the followers like them. For example, Coca Cola, Nike, Oreo, Microsoft and Oreo are the most followed brands on social media. You can achieve the sufficient followers (if not millions) by posting unique content and build brand awareness, no matter if you are a startup or a small business. Make sure to work with a right digital marketing agency!

10) Google Plus is not Useful Anymore:

Do you think like that? We will provide you the several reasons that you should not Ignore Google+.

Google Plus is a brainchild of Google, meaning that the content over this platform have high chances to be indexed in Google SERPs. As an added bonus, author profiles are showcased next to those results. Google Plus also supports your SEO as the first link being added on your Google Plus is a “DoFollow” link—a core block of SEO.

And one more thing—Google Plus has 375 million active users.

So these are the misconceptions about social media marketing you shouldn’t believe anymore. Social media is a major boon for a business, regardless of size and type.

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Have we skipped any myth about social media in this blog post? Let us know by commenting below!

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