Here are the 10 issues you should remove from your blog posts immediately to increase the readership.

Reasons People Not Reading Your Blog Posts

Why people are not reading your blog posts?

This question may upset you even more when you look at some prolific blogs brimming with thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

You are doing the same thing—blogging and updating your blog regularly, which is considered to be a necessary thing. Why are you not having the same success?

Wait a minute. You are making one mistake. Not one, but there are two, three and many more mistakes affecting the readership of your blogs. Good thing is that you can overcome these mistakes to fetch the readers on your blog.

Reasons Why No One’s Reading Your Blog Posts:

Here, we will identify such key areas of improvement in your blog posts and explain how to work over them.

#1 Your Blog Lacks a Catchy Title:

If you are having trouble attracting readers to your blog, take a note of your blog post title. Does it attract the people? Does it motivate people to click? No doubt, there are different types of content that can boost traffic on your website but the blog post with a catchy title can actually do wonder.

According to Copyblogger, “On average, 8 out of 10 people will read a headline, but only 2 out of 10 will go on to read the content.”

A title is a very first thing a reader sees while reading your blog. If it is not catchy or interesting, he is likely to skip your blog, no matter how wonderful post you have written.

An informative and eye-catching post title, on the other hand, prompts users to click so that they can quickly identify what the content is about and decide whether or not it’s useful to them.

Therefore, your blog title should be attractive and informative as well. Avoid creating something generic or bland like “Awesome Digital Marketing Tips”, instead make it more interesting like “8 Things They Didn’t Want You to Know About Digital Marketing.”

It also makes your blog stands out in the sea of similar blogs.

#2 You Are Not Writing for Targeted Audience:

Who are the people you are writing for? If you don’t know, then take this as one of the reasons why your blog fails to attract traffic.

So, before creating the blog post, think about the people you are going to aim at. Once you pick your audience, make sure you address their concerns and provide them a solution accordingly.

Developing a user persona can help you get familiar with the issues, requirements, and solution for your target audience.

But this is not the only thing to do.

Go extra miles by crafting your sentences according to your audience. For example, if you are writing for 6th standard science students, keep your language simple and clear so that they can grasp the things easily as they are not at graduate level.

#3 Your Blog Lacks Facts and Figures:

Adding facts, research and stats will make your piece of writing more credible and unique. Besides, it will let your readers know that you know well what you are explaining. However, you should provide the reference of credible and reputable sources like Wikipedia, .org, .gov, etc.

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#4 Your Blog Post Doesn’t Have Visuals:

Are you using images and videos in your blog posts? This is because a user is likely to read the blog having images and videos. And 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

But that doesn’t mean you use stock images all over the blogs as they are not that impressive. Using gifs, infographic and memes can impress the readers. It will decrease your bounce rate which in turns influences your search rankings.

Besides making your blog engaging, visuals help you explain the complicated points which are not otherwise possible with the words.

#5 You Don’t Promote Your Blog Post:

How can you expand your readership base if no one even knows your blog exists?

Therefore, you need to promote your blog like a marketer promotes the products.  And what can be a better platform for promotion than social media? You can promote your blog posts on social media the way you promote your business events on social media.

That’s where people share your blog posts with their communities and friends, thereby fetching your more readers. Besides, send an email to your contact list about your new blog. Make sure you have a link to your blog in the main navigation of your website.

#6 Your Blog is Too Promotional:

Occasional promotion is okay. Avoid it doing every time as it can irritate your audience. Make your blog about the people—not your products or business. So, minimize the sales pitch in your content as possible. Your blog should provide value to your prospective customer. You can create a separate business news blog or press release section where you can put purely promotional content.

#7 Your Blog is Not Easy to Read:

Your blog has everything, from nice visuals, attractive titles to useful info. But still, you are not getting readers. This may be because of the poor readability of your blog.

A cluster of texts and congested placement of paragraphs will make your blog messier which eventually turns off a reader.

Therefore, enhance the readability of your blog by arranging it in headings, sub-headings, simple vocabulary, short paragraphs, and readable fonts.

#8 Your Blog is Not Optimized for Social Sharing:

Make your blog optimized for social sharing by adding social sharing buttons to every post. It will let your visitors to share your content on their social media accounts.

In this way, you can expose your content to the new audiences in your existing reader’s networks.

#9 Your Blog Has Typographical Errors:

While typographical errors are common, you must do your best to make the final copy free of mistakes as possible. Use Grammarly tool to fix the spelling errors in the first place. However, it is better if you hire a proofreader. He not only removes the common errors, but also helps you identify what is missing in your blog.

#10 Not Using Real Examples to Illustrate Your Points:

It does matter how you explain your points. Sometimes, explaining them in plain text can be boring, which eventually turn off the audience. In this scenario, you can cite practical examples and real photos that would be engaging to them.

For example, you can use the real images of your experiment while writing DIY steps. It will make your content easy to grasp for them. Also, you can add the video which will have more impact on your audience.

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So, these are the things you need to work over to improve the readership of your blog. Once you overcome these barriers between you and your readers, you will be ahead in the game.

2 thoughts on “10 Simple Reasons Why People Don’t Read Your Blog Posts

  1. Ryan Smith

    Hi Varun

    Thanks for one marvelous posting! it contains a lot of information about the content type and how to make attract visitors to your website. But do you really think all the above points can be implemented by one person and also promote it on different platforms? I think if we think about all this then we will not be able to write our own thoughts on the blog.

    Kind regards
    Ryan Smith

    • Hi Reyan,

      Thanks for liking the article. 🙂

      Its true that most of the people do not include all these points and that is why their blog posts remain unread. But I personally follow all these points and use all of them in the posts wherever these are applicable.

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