Do you know why some campaigns progress at great speeds? Why do some portals gain momentum while others lose traction after some time?The answer lies in whether an internet enterprise chose to spend enough time, money and resources on deep, systematic and well-directed “analysis.”

Analysis done wrong (or not done at all) means that your internet marketing campaign will move forward in a haphazardly manner; it will leave you in dark about the possible results as well as the steps that need to be taken to achieve anything at all.

Here at KVR, “Analysis” is the first and foremost component of Our Process.

No, we will not promise results or make tall claims right after having learnt a bit about your internet enterprise.

We like to first analyze all aspects of the product-market fit, positioning, competition and other such factors before making any comments at all.

For analysts at KVR, analysis is not limited to

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Keyword Studies
  • Gap Analysis

These are no doubt the most basic and necessary components of analysis done for a business but there’s a whole lot more.

For example, we will also analyze the following:

  • Find out whether the core marketing message needs to be altered slightly for better results
  • Identify customer’s pain points to develop a content strategy geared towards higher conversion rate
  • Find out the appropriate marketing channels and techniques depending upon the target audience

We believe in asking the right questions, and a lot of them.

It’s through these questions that we gain perspective on the target audience as well as the market you are in.

The foremost goal KVR’s analysts have in mind is to connect the dots and answer 3 most fundamental questions:

  • Where you are at the moment
  • Where you want to be
  • How to get there

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